Venngo Member Perks

Save with Venngo MemberPerks

There are many perks to being an RTO/ERO member, but one of the most exciting is Venngo.  The discount website is available to our members and offers amazing deals on fitness, travel, restaurants and more.

Follow these simple steps to start saving.

1.  Visit

2.  Log on:  If it is your first time using venngo, set up an account by selecting the 'create an account' option, located just below the login.

3.  Enter your info:  You will need to enter your RTO/ERO Membership ID (no spaces or hyphens) and personal information such as address and email.

4.  Enjoy the perks:  Once you have created an account you're on your way!

Stay connected!  Check the Venngo site for deals and updates.  Venngo is free for members who take part in our group insurance plan, and $25.99 a year for those who are not.

For more information, call 1-866-383-6646 or visit: